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Chapter Four-The Breaking News

While Vann and Trese were cuddling back at his place, time was moving expeditiously for Chenelle. She was in search for Greedy; she needed to contact him as soon as possible. Chenelle remembered him saying something about him being from South Dallas so that’s where she started. Chenelle had a homegirl that she knew from school, named of Jewell, who was from South Dallas and she figured she would be the best person to lead her to Greedy. What Chenelle wasn’t aware of was that Jewell was not only her friend from school, but she was also a business partner of Greedy’s and a running mate of his sister Tracie. They all ran the check business together.
Chenelle pulled up on Colonial Street right in front of Jewell’s grandmother’s house. No one was standing outside, like they usually are, so she parked and walked up to the grandmother’s front door. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. Chenelle began to panic until she remembered that she had Jewell’s cell phone number stored in her phone. She went to her address book, scrolled down until she reached Jewell’s number, and called her up. Luckily, Jewell still had the same number. “Wassup, who is this?” Jewell answered.
“Hey girl! This Che!” Chenelle said sounding excited.
“Girl wassup?! Where you been hiding?” Jewell asked her.
“Girl you know I moved to Houston and lately I’ve just been trying to get my shit together.”
“Oh okay. Where are you now?” Jewell asked her.
“Just left your granny’s house looking for you. Where are you?” Chenelle inquired.
“Oh, I’m over my best friend’s brother’s crib. We just chilling, kicking it, and shit like that. Come over here. I’m just around the corner,” Jewell told her.
“Oh, okay, that’s wassup,” Chenelle said while putting her car into drive. Jewell stayed on the phone and gave her directions.
Chenelle made it there in no time. She approached the front door not knowing what to expect. When she knocked, Jewell immediately answered the door. “Hey girl!” Jewell said after she opened the door for Chenelle. They both hugged. “Girl, I already told everyone that my girl Che’ was on her way, so everyone this is Che’ and Che this is everyone.”
After Jewel introduced Chenelle to everyone, walked over and got her a drink. Jewell was at Greedy’s place and everyone who usually kicks it with them was there: Jewell, Tracie, Greedy, Gena, Darren, and Chase. Greedy was over in the corner drinking and playing dominoes with Darren and Chase. When Greedy looked up to see that Che was really Chenelle he didn’t look too thrilled. After he made eye contact with her she smiled at him and Greedy slowly put his head back down staring at his dominoes. Chenelle didn’t approach him like she wanted to because she didn’t know if he was involved with someone there or not. She just played it off and told Jewell that she had to step outside for a second to take an important call. Chenelle stepped out on the front porch and went into a panic of shock when it hit her that she actually didn’t have to go searching for Greedy like she thought she would. She couldn’t believe that she ran into Greedy so quickly.
Greedy did see Chenelle leave out so he played it cool and pretended as though he was going to check out something in the back; however, his intensions were to get to Chenelle as quickly as he could. Greedy walked around to the front and that’s when he saw Chenelle leaning up against the wooden pole. When she turned around, there was Greedy standing and all she could do was give him a big hug. “Damn! Girl you sho’ll do know how to find ah nigga!” Greedy told her.
Chenelle laughed, “You’re right. I was looking for you. Greedy you never returned my calls. I mean ever since I mentioned that I could be pregnant, it was like you didn’t want anything to do with me.” Greedy put his head down with the slickest grin on his face as if the situation was funny to him. Chenelle then took a deep breath. Just as she was about to tell him, he interrupted her by apologizing to her.
“Man, Chenelle I didn’t mean to throw you off like that. But I’m with someone. I didn’t want to just tell you because I really do cut for you. So are you pregnant?” he asked her. Chenelle was filled up with so much animosity that she couldn’t even talk to him the way she wanted.
“Pregnant…pregnant, that ain’t even why I came looking for you. I’m not pregnant; but there is something else, Gerald,” she snapped at him with evil in her eyes and tone.
“What shit?” he asked her with an attitude.
“Do you really want to know, Gerald, do you?” Chenelle asked him with even more anger in her voice this time.
“Yeah and I’m glad you’re not pregnant! I just want to know what else could there be bothering you?” Greedy asked her.
“Well, I went to the clinic and did the whole annual thing and I took all my tests, you know for STD’s and stuff. And…,” Chenelle started to cry silently. She placed her hands over her face, “Gerald I have HIV, and I got it from you,” she said with melancholy, low tone.
“You say what?” Greedy frowned and was looking like are you fucking serious. Chenelle didn’t respond. She just ran back to her car and then drove off. Greedy stood there in silence and shock. Then his silence and shock began to transform into anger. He couldn’t believe what Chenelle just told him.