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Ms. Heather Jornay Perkins, a true master mind at what she does. She is a beautiful and talented young writer who gives us her first novel entitled “Circles” Which one are you in? Born and raised in Dallas, Texas in the South area where she took off by storm in the 6th grade, Heather Jornay Perkins never stopped writing and her mission was to be a very successful known writer, author, news reporter, or even a talk show host.

After the years past by in 2001, she attended El Centro Community College and entered herself in the Poetry Contest where she was awarded with her winning poem, “Young Black Woman” was placed on poetry.com and was recognized as being the most uplifting poem for young black women. Her thoughts were overwhelming as her passion lead her towards writing more children books, novels, plays, movie scripts, poetry, poems, and her first novel “Circles” Which one are you in? “CIRCLES”, A HIGHLY RATED NOVEL THAT GRABS YOUR ATTENTION AND WILL KEEP YOU CRAVING FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. This novel is BLAZING HOT AND READERS ARE ACTUALLY READING THE BOOK IN TWO DAYS! THE NEXT QUESTION THAT IS SIMMERING ON OUR MINDS, WHEN WILL IT BECOME A MOVIE?

Heather Jornay Perkins first interviewed with “Gary with Da T” at “Mocca Cosmetics Gala Event” on the “RED CARPET” and his question to her was, What should we all expect from you as a writer, an author, a beautiful young lady with the an accomplishment that some of us wish we could have done? The answer that she gave him was just as God for the ability “TO DO” and to keep him first. “Gary with Da T” smiled and loved what response she had given to the world and wished her more success at what she will seek next. Her last interview at FISHBOWL NETWORK with Ms. Kaimesha Nickerson with her show “Neovibe Radio” brought more attention to the listeners as the topic of “HIV” hit as a very sensitive major part inside the book, itself. The message inside the book
reflects off this topic because the topic is always a mystery until it is solved.

She is the CEO of Black Access Granted (Jump iNSiDE the B.A.G. (www.blackaccessgranted.com), the most popular Urban Marketing Firm in the Social Media Outlet. As she strives towards the best in all that she puts her heart into, her ambition leads her towards SUCCESS and her favorite quote that she always shares with others "The challenge is to never give up..."